Create a skit or poster on the importance of hand washing and how to do it properlyCDC Handwashing Video 

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Fe/Del Norte, our Youth Development Professionals miss seeing your kids every day! Since we can’t be with our Club kids at full capacity, we are using this platform to share some of our favorite youth development tips and tricks with parents and caregivers.

Science Wednesdays

Catching the Moon:

The Story of a Young Girl's Baseball Dream​

Join us at “The Club” – a virtual space where youth can connect, create, and collaborate. Each month, your trained and trusted Boys & Girls Club staff will upload programs such as art and math classes, as well as on-demand programs such as music making and virtual field trips. All virtual programming will be 100% free of charge. You just need a smartphone, laptop, or table to participate.

Even though school is closed, there is plenty kids can do to keep their mind and body active and engaged.

Check out our list of amazing community resources for your families needs.

When School is Out, Stay Engaged

Engineers solve problems to improve our lives. Brainstorm an invention that can improve your life.

Top 5 Monthly Activities

Fun Friday

Create an obstacle course. Get a family member to try! What is the shortest amount of time it takes to get through the course?

Outdoor Tuesdays

Help an adult with dinner by measuring ingredients. How would you double or halve the recipe?

Private I. Guana

Read by: Esai Morales

Build a window greenhouse and watch your plants grow. ​


Math Mondays


Engineering Thursday

Story Time with…

Youth Development Tips & Tricks: