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The Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Fe/Del Norte will start online homework help on Monday March 30th from 2pm-3pm for Club members. Email to sign up.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Fe/Del Norte is excited to present digital programming. Out programming is something that youth can engage in, in a self-directed way and also with support from Club staff. Using a combination of facilitated and self-led experiences, as well as line question and feedback techniques, our young people can learn digital skills that will serve them well in school or the workforce.

In an effort to continuously serve members during the Club closure, Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Fe/Del Norte is providing distance-based Club experiences through which Club staff will facilitate program activities through an online platform. Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Fe/Del Norte will use an application provided by a third party that members, parents/guardians and/or staff will access via the Internet and use for purposes of communication and programming. This platform is called Zoom. We will actively monitor member activity on Zoom and will make every effort to protect member information by, among other things, maintaining control of, and access to, the data collected; prohibiting re-disclosure of member information; limiting the purposes for which the online platforms may use member information; ensuring there is no advertising and that no member information is collected for commercial purposes.