March 2020 Newsletter

2020 Jack Stamm Award

Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Fe/Del Norte's 

Statement on the Death of George Floyd

For the last few months, we have been working here at our Clubs to fight an unprecedented pandemic. Yet now our country is in pain, being torn apart by the tragic death of George Floyd, and sadly too many others as a result of systemic racism and institutional bias. Our hearts are with the Floyd family, and everyone around the country deeply hurt by this divisiveness.

As a community we should expect better and, united as one, we must do the work of dismantling systemic racism, ultimately ensuring the safety and dignity of all people. The accumulation of incidents like these leaves an indelible mark on young people, especially young people of color. At Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Fe Del Norte, we believe we have a responsibility to use our positions as supportive adults and mentors to help youth members process the world around them, especially when times are hard.

Recent acts of violence are the extreme manifestations of the inequities and injustices that too many of our young people and their families encounter on a regular basis. But we know this is a symptom of a larger problem—one that cuts across every aspect of society, including schools and other systems that serve young people and their families.

We can and must do better to support black people and anyone who faces systemic prejudices. And we must work together to ensure the future is great for the millions of kids that are watching and counting on us.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America is calling on all local Club and community leaders across the country to identify how Boys & Girls Clubs can continue to be an active part of the solution. We look forward to continuing to take action to support the kids, families and communities who need us most.

 The "Jack Stamm Award" recognizing a community sponsor of the Club. Jack Stamm was a generous supporter of the Club and we are grateful for his support over the years. Members of the Stamm family attended the banquet and spoke on his behalf. The first annual award was presented to Buddy & Irene Roybal by Jack's sister, Becky Stamm (pictured below with Roman Abeyta, CPO and Andrew Leyba, Board President).

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